The LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE is a global aid organization.

Our areas of expertise:

LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE is a humanitarian aid organization that campaigns for nature, animals and people. The donor runs various campaigns that we all use to achieve a specific nature-related goal.
We’re the ideal solution for starting serious charity business right where you need it most. With donations you can make small investments so that we can raise money as quickly as possible to realize new projects that can be implemented thanks to you.
Our focus is always on profitable projects. We use many years of know-how and experience in order to be able to create secure added value in the aid organization.
There are also valuable contacts to worldwide partners with whom we are also internationally successful in the humanitarian aid organization.
LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE is your partner in investment decisions at every stage of your project. We would be happy to support you in all financing questions for a planned or ongoing project.

Thinking and acting responsibly

All partners in our network respect the same high compliance standards. Although economically independent of one another, we commit ourselves to live clear and recognized values.
This includes transparency towards donors and employees and compliance with the applicable legal framework in the respective environment. We are committed to ecologically responsible action and striving for first-class quality in our work.
As a global aid organization, we place high demands on ourselves and on our aid organization partners. For this reason, we have an internal management system that allows us to continuously improve processes and quality standards. LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE thinks and acts not only in the short term, but also always keeps the long-term effects and macroeconomic developments in view. Our donors honor this attitude, as investments and aid projects are mostly designed for the long term.

The whole in view

All LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE projects are holistically thought out and implemented from the start. We analyze future locations, develop flexibly adaptable concepts with a focus on long-term use and implement our plans on time and on budget. We coordinate and carry out all work for the projects with the partner on site. In this way we guarantee that the project will run smoothly. We give our donors the certainty that the projects will be carried out to the highest quality and that they will be profitable right from the start.

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