Business address:
Grimselweg 5
CH-8203 Schaffhausen

Managing Director:
Sara Le Dung Lam Director/CEO

Telephone: +41 52 670 19 44
E-Mail: info@lookingforglobaljustice.com
Webseite: www.lookingforglobaljustice.com

Commercial  Register Number: CH17040074674
VAT Number: UID: CHE-113.812.953

Looking for Global Justice is a humanitarian aid organization that enables protection against unfair treatment to be implemented effectively and innovatively. We Striving for Global Justice is a community of people from all over the world dedicated to nature, animals and people that we respect deeply.
The petitions are divided into continents / countries worldwide, where they come from or where they take place. All petitions are funded by donations.
Looking for Global Justice is a subsidiary of Sec Deal GmbH based in CH-8203 Schaffhausen.

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