The pursuit of global justice is a community of people from all over the world who are committed to nature, animals and people and whom we respect very much. 2.7 million members work together as an international organization, so we are largely responsible for campaigns and donations, and persistently carry out the campaigns with tireless efforts. With a sincere and transparent manner and our love for nature and people, we have won people, customers, employees and donors from all over the world, whom we have brought together at record speed. We differ from others because we are transparent. The entire evolution of the rescue process is visible to every user.

Help us out! Your membership can do a lot effect. Give away a membership with us and make your loved ones and nature happy.

LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE is regulated and managed by the responsible board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for our financial situation and ensures that we operate in accordance with the regulations of a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland. Organization that provides protection from unfair treatment in an effective and innovative manner.

Board of Directors and Supervisory Board
Mathias Horvat
EO International; Dipl.-Oeconom
Experience: Project manager at the “Swiss Consulting Group / Market Investing Global GmbH”; here leading responsibility for cooperation with institutional partners. Integrated structural advice for corporate groups in questions of market presence and communication. Sector focus: real estate and insurance, marketing and media.
Hobbies: traveling, foreign cultures, cycling, swimming, endurance sports.
Email: m.horvat@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Advice and organization, support and implementation of our wide range of projects, cooperation with institutional partners.
Peter Aragai
Media advisor
Sales and promotion in the advertising industry, support of budget customers in print and online, local television, as well as design of advertising material, language advice in English, German and Amharic.
A practical guide for creating understandable texts in the languages mentioned above.
Many years of experience in the tourism industry by arranging trips to Ethiopia.
Hobbies: traveling, foreign cultures, cooking, music, tennis.
Email: p.aragai@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Member of the Supervisory Board
Ana Maria Zivkovic
Master of Science FH, business administration specializing in market psychology and digital marketing.
Experience: Project management in online marketing.
Hobbies: reading, cooking, traveling, soccer, photography & illustration, nature and gardening.
Email: a.m.zivkovic@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Member of the Supervisory Board
Wenbei Bian
Graduate economist
Experience: Project management of projects of all disciplines, specializing in the Chinese market. They are characterized by customer support, advisory and active with a high level of competence and commitment.
Hobbies: art, reading, cooking, traveling, nature, philosophy, meditating.
Email: w.bian@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sara Le Dung Lam
Degree in architecture, Fengshui consulting, marketing and business consultant.
Experience: Ms. Le Dung Lam has many years of experience in project management in the architecture and real estate sector. She brings additional knowledge in Feng Shui and human medicine. They are characterized by professional competence, commitment and the will to lead.
Hobbies: art, reading, cooking, traveling, nature, philosophy, meditating.
Email: s.lam@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Rumbidzayi Waungana
Rumbidzayi Waungana is former  Property Consultant for Dawn Properties / Dandeal  Real Eastate Zimbabwe and have worked for UNCEF Zimbabwe  for several years other NGOs in Zimbabwe as a Project Manager.
2021 Vimbainashe Trust was formed a charitable Trust organization based in Zimbabwe . It was founded by a philanthropist called Mrs. Rumbidzayi Waungana. Rumbidzayi has a passion to transform  the lives of Valuable children in poor suburbs of Harare Zimbabwe.The Organisation ‘a mission is to continually provide an expanding  programme of holistic support to orphans and valuable  children those  living with disabilities and affected by HIV/AIDS and work and work with caregivers and young  people  to empower them to improve their lives.
Rumbidzayi Waungana
1579 Mainway Meadows
Zimbabwe, South Africa
Email: r.zinyemba@lookingforglobaljustice.com

Our international independent partners who own LOOKING FOR GLOBAL and independently manage their companies according to the philosophy of LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE.



Market Investing Global
Herr Tom Thanh Lam
CEO International, Managing the Companie in Melbourne
4 Swaran Close
3178 Rowville, Victoria
Melbourne / Australia
Phone: +61 400 182 828
E-Mail: T.Lam@marketinvesting-global.com
Website: www.marketinvesting-global.com



Market Investing Global
Herr Phnom Penh
CEO International, Managing the Companie in Cambodia
EastView Center Cambodia ECC
Preah Norodom Blvd
E-Mail: LM.Ung@marketinvesting-global.com
Website: www.marketinvesting-global.com


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Katica Zivkovic
Board member in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ostra Luka
76276 Orasje
Bosnia and Herzegovina

My Projects
Park for different species of animals
Twenty-seven years after the war in Bosnia



Rumbidzayi Waungana
1579 Mainway Meadows
Zimbabwe, South Africa

My Projects
Aid for the education of children in Zimbabwe, Africa

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