Worldwide we are looking for partners with potential who are interested in long-term cooperation with lucrative aid organizations.

As a leading planning and consulting aid organization, we are an ideal partner for donor investments. Our focus is on larger infrastructure projects that, in addition to long-term profitability, also help people where necessary.

The aid organization industry shows steady growth worldwide. This can be seen in the increasing investment quota in aid projects. Together with our donors, we ensure that your investments bear fruit. We only pursue one goal: The success of the projects for the best aid nature, animals and people.

LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE is consistently geared towards projects and investment brokering in the aid organization sector. Our group employs around 200 people and has locations all over the world. We invest in exceptionally qualified and highly motivated employees.

Only official LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE partners have access to our network and know-how and can therefore offer help worldwide with the highest quality and security in aid project development and investments.

LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE follows clear rules – cooperation and leadership – our goals.

We act responsibly in accordance with the LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE model, are open to new ideas and use our potential, capacities and resources in a targeted manner and according to ethical principles. Together with our worldwide LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE partners, we create a solid basis of the latest specialist knowledge, paired with trust, mutual respect and support.

We set ourselves high standards of performance and agree on achievable goals. We judge every job fairly and recognize good performance.

Leadership and self-image
Allow us two well-known statements:
1. “Any organization is only as good as its leadership”.
2. “If you stop getting better, you have stopped being good.”

The managers of LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE are aware of their role model effect, take time for LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE partners and customers and provide support. The LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE partners involve employees in the decision-making process and delegate tasks with the appropriate skills and resources. Of course, every employee of LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE has access to the entire basic knowledge in the group as well as to all relevant aid project data in order to optimally support our projects.

These are basic requirements for the donor’s individual wishes and needs to be taken seriously and perceived in the projects throughout the company.

Employees in the LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE network enjoy the security of a solid, legally verified and always up-to-date data and knowledge level. This is how we lay the foundation for a high quality standard and an exemplary business culture.

We work together loyally, fairly, openly and reliably. We promote cross-organizational cooperation and understand LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE in its diversity as a unit. We are capable of criticism, conflict and a team. We stay in dialogue and look for a clear common language. We communicate and inform transparently and in accordance with needs in all directions. We actively listen, give and accept constructive feedback.

We were equal opportunities for all employees, we recognize and promote their potential and develop the willingness to change. We attach particular importance to the professional, personal and human development of our employees.

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