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Bees are a miracle of evolution and indispensable for humans and animals. In our country, the honey bee is the most important pollinator of flowering plants. Anyone can do something to protect the bee.

What is happening to our world now? What's next? These are the questions that many people ask themselves, from young to old.

All means used in agriculture harm the bees:
Pesticides / insecticides (pest control, pesticides, biocides, etc.) are neurotoxins and kill insects. They trigger: disorientation, inexplicable changes in behavior, mass death …

Herbicides (weed control agents) kill «weeds», which are important for bees. The spectrum of plant species is greatly reduced, the food chain is impaired, and biodiversity is lost.

Fungicides prevent pollen fermentation and lead to residues.

Products (pesticides, dressings, etc.) keep making headlines around the world because they can be shown to be responsible for the mass death of bees. However, these studies are questioned by the producers, who in turn launch counter-studies that they have financed themselves and intervene in politics with their economic power. For example, Syngenta and Bayer CropSience currently (March 2013) are preventing a decision by the EU Commission to expose neonicotinoids in crops that are attractive to bees for two years.


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Sincerely Yours,
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