Design of the nature protection of the various animals

At the request of authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina to use our website structure to launch a petition, we have of course made our petition structure available.
This was about the design of nature conservation for hedgehogs. Independently of our LOOKING FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE team, the organization and the homeland security organizations wanted to organize and carry out this project themselves.
After about two months of the petition being published, the petition received 118,621 signatures. Shortly afterwards, 1.4 million euros were raised for the project. Thus began the creation of nature conservation, with around 200 volunteer members making excellent progress.
The reason why there are almost no hedgehogs left is probably due to the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The state commission for nature conservation in Bosnia and Herzegovina made 8,000 square meters of land available for this project. It is planned to breed 4,000 hedgehogs in 5 years. Of these 4,000 hedgehogs, 500 will be kept by the region and another 3,500 will be distributed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After 5 years breeding will continue to breed more hedgehogs.

Well, here you could see the process of the combined design of nature conservation in construction stages.

The execution of all work, materials and services without the land allocated by the city costs 256,376.00 euros.

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