Your donation for children in need

In Switzerland and around the world, we do everything we can to strengthen needy children and positively influence their future – even in emergencies or disasters.

Be it in Switzerland or in the most remote regions of the world – where the most basic necessities are lacking, we work every day to help children and ensure they survive, learn and are protected.

Our work for children is carried out in different areas and contexts. Whether short-term emergency aid after a disaster or long-term development cooperation – we have many years of experience and know the special needs of children.


With a regular donation you can help us to sustainably expand our global network for people, animals, trees and plants. Even with small contributions we can achieve a lot – and every donation brings us a little closer to our goals. Thank you for your contribution!

Personal Info

To donate to this cause, pay the desired amount to Looking for Global Justice.

You can donate in two ways:
- Complete a check and mail it to Looking for Global Justice.
- make a donation in the bank to the account of the organization “Looking for Global Justice”.

Under Payment Description, enter Type of Donation.

Account details to transfer money:
Looking for Global Justice
Grimselweg 5
CH-8203 Schaffhausen

IBAN: CH86 0078 2007 6686 57101

Thank you very much for your support.

Donations are tax deductible as special expenses.

Donation Total: CHF 45.00

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